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The Freewheeling after Sixty movement focuses on freedom and mobility by empowering older adults to take charge of their transportation needs. Instead of giving up the keys learn how to design a personalized transportation plan. Freewheeling empowers the older driver with information, resources, and a customized plan to meet their needs.

Unlike Retirement Planning There is No Formal Transportation Planning or
Insurance Such as Social Security.
Judi Bonilla
Advocates For Aging

Community Services

We support Age-Friendly initiatives through our partnerships with local agencies, community programs,

and faith based organizations.

Planning Workshops

Host a Freewheeling planning workshop and empower members with a strategy to age in place and maintain their lifestyle.

Information Session

We welcome opportunities to speak to San Diego professional groups such as ALCA, CSA, Ellevate, NAIPC to educate the community on resources and trends in San Diego Senior transportation.

Professional Development

We are the first to offer train the trainer service for the serious aging service professional. Each lasts approximately four hours long to cover all of the relevant information and material.

A History of Falling Increases Crash Risk by 40% for Older Drivers.
American Automobile Association
AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

Who We Are

We reframe the narrative about taking the car keys away. Instead, we focus on empowering older drivers with choices.

Most individuals outlive their ability to drive by a decade.
Daniel J. Foley
University of Michigan Medical School

Latest News

March kick off at Social Media Marketing World

Webinar with the Association of Travel Instruction

Speaking to the National Aging In Place Council

A powerful learning experience and plenty of inspiration on strategies to share our message on social media.

Sharing our best practices to increase participation in group travel training with our colleagues around the country.

Transportation is one of the pillars of the NAIPC strategy for aging in place. Our educational program gave these professionals the insights they need to work with clients.