Age-Friendly Communities Part of the Senior Transportation Solution

When is the best time to plan an age-friendly city? Twenty years ago. The second best time to plan an age-friendly city is today. (Note: An age-friendly community works for residents of all ages and is also one in which leaders understand the needs and preferences of older adults). These insightful words are inspired by a Chinese proverb and have the power to shape a happier and healthier longer life. These bonus years can be used in many ways. You may choose to spend more time with friends and family, pursuing your interests or exploring the unknown. To do so you will need a community to support you today and in the future.

A decade ago the World Health Organization (WHO) launched the Global Age-Friendly Cities project. The project identifies actions cities can take to make their communities age friendly. These steps include focusing on:

  • Designing all products and the built environment to be usable to the greatest extent possible by everyone, regardless of age, ability, or status in life.
  • Addresses the gaps in transportation that create barriers for older adults and community members.

The City of San Diego is on their way to developing age-friendly initiatives and they want your input. To prioritize areas of focus as the city creates a vision for San Diego you’re invited to an interactive listening and discussion session. Registration is optional, but encouraged: (619) 525-8247 or

Insider Note:

Transportation is the most overlooked aspect in the best retirement portfolios. If you plan on continuing to drive in San Diego you need initiatives to support your ability to drive safely in your community. As well as alternatives to driving.

About the Author:

I am the Director of Education at Freewheeling After Sixty and work to improve older driver safety and reduce crash risk among older drivers. Contact me with your questions: 619.742.3368

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