#1 Asset Missing From Your Retirement Portfolio

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Transportation You’re approaching retirement and beginning to think about a withdrawal strategy. Not so fast. You’re in the perfect position to acquire a new asset to make the most of your portfolio. You have time to start planning a transportation allocation. Investing in human capital is easier than ever.  Today health plans encourage healthy habits […]

Freewheeling After Sixty Older Driver Resources


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Savvy, Safe, Seventy Plus, and Behind The Wheel I am passionate about educating older adults about their transportation options. Which is why I wrote Freewheeling After Sixty. If you work with older adults you know the importance of transportation. In my talks, I share tips and resources to: Demonstrate how to use public transportation Demystify […]

Driver Improvement

Driver Improvement

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Below are hyperlinks to various resources to keep you on the road safely. Resources: Experienced Driver Courses AAA Online Defensive Driving Course AARP Smart Driver Course California DMV Senior Drivers California DMV Sample Driver License Tests California DMV Senior Ombudsman Program Car-Fit Clearinghouse for Older Road User Safety – By State Drive Sharp Now Flexibility For […]

Older Driver checklist

60 Second Checklist

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Awareness Checklist Driving is a complex task and age may affect your ability to drive safely. However, by using our checklist you can identify and take action to improve your driving skills. First, begin the checklist by quickly naming your transportation concern. Next, in one word describe your concern. Now review our checklist and with […]

Advice On Senior Services – Travel Instruction for Public Transit

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Public Transit A Health Choice For Aging Drivers While many of us gave up our bus pass for a driver license it’s time to rethink transportation. Surprisingly using public transit may extend your ability to drive. In addition, it may also add quality of life in retirement. Staying In Motion Many consider strength and agility […]

Finding and Paying for Senior Transportation

Advice on Senior Services Paying For Transportation – Priced Out of Independence?

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Paying for Senior Transportation What is the price of independence? If, you ask an older adult independence is priceless. In contrast asking how they are paying for priceless, it’s a new conversation. When we think about aging few of us consider transportation. Unfortunately, it’s a mistake and one you can avoid by learning more about the […]