Driving After Sixty? That is Something To Talk About

My Grandma Needs To Give Up Driving

My Grandma Needs To Give Up Driving

Thoughts on Driving After Sixty

Driving? When do you talk to experienced drivers about alternative transportation? The folks at Home Instead Senior Care suggest the “40-70 Rule.” This means if you are 40, or your parents are 70 it is time to talk. The rule makes sense and so does doing research before talking. 

Create a Transportation Plan

Similar to other parts of your life, driving and the topic of transportation is complex. Consider transportation similar to your favorite social media platform. Whether your favorite is Instagram, Pinterest, or Snapchat the experience is better when you connect. So is developing a transportation plan. Identify different resources to connect with. Driver improvement courses, family, friends, community organizations, ridesharing, and public transportation are the connections to make.

Focus on Interdependence

For those living through the fifties and sixties, freedom may have a special significance. Freedom meant choice and the opportunity to forge a different path than their parents. However, when it comes to driving, the fear of losing independence and freedom can be worrisome for both older drivers. The key is to focus on interdependence. The concept focuses on our commitment to one another to live and age well. Before you have the conversation reflect on your connections and then talk.

About Judi Bonilla

At the present time, I am the Director of Program Innovation at Advocates For Aging. When you think of older adults do you see America’s largest resource?  With this in mind, I combined my background in business with a desire to influence aging in America. For this reason, I was the first Gerontologist to speak at South by Southwest. Furthermore, it’s why I wrote Freewheeling After Sixty. Freewheeling the first book to empower older adults about their transportation choices.

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