Advice on Senior Services Paying For Transportation – Priced Out of Independence?

Finding and Paying for Senior Transportation

Paying for Senior TransportationFinding and Paying for Senior Transportation

What is the price of independence? If, you ask an older adult independence is priceless. In contrast asking how they are paying for priceless, it’s a new conversation. When we think about aging few of us consider transportation. Unfortunately, it’s a mistake and one you can avoid by learning more about the topic.

Senior Transportation and Housing Choices

For older adults, it might be staying behind the wheel. However, the reality is we will likely outlive our ability to drive by a decade. In fact, eight years if you are a male and 10 if you are a female. If you have parents in their sixties now is the time to have a conversation. Where do they plan on living their retirement years? A few years ago I met a retired professor. After much research, she decided the country life was to her liking. While she had visions of bicycling country roads, the reality was two lane roads made this proposition dangerous. Before your parents make a change in housing have them consider transportation.

Paying For Transportation

While older adults may get a discount for good driving the cost to operate a vehicle is not free. What is the real cost of driving? Use my Vehicle Operation Cost Worksheet to calculate the cost.  For some elderly parents who rarely drive selling their car might make sense. Use this as a transportation fund for daily travel expenses. In addition, many public transit agencies offer older adults a courtesy discount or free transportation. At the same time keep an eye on this benefit. In view of tight budgets and an aging population, this perk might be eliminated in the future.

Priced Out of Independence

Similar to housing there is a cost for transportation. When you talk about retirement plans ask about their transportation plans too. Frequently retirement planners overlook this area.If you have specific questions about senior transportation please call or connect with me here. 


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