#1 Asset Missing From Your Retirement Portfolio


You’re approaching retirement and beginning to think about a withdrawal strategy. Not so fast. You’re in the perfect position to acquire a new asset to make the most of your portfolio. You have time to start planning a transportation allocation.

Investing in human capital is easier than ever.  Today health plans encourage healthy habits and cities increasingly are aware of their role in the built environment. You have time to create a better-balanced retirement portfolio.


If someone told you there is a high probability you will outlive your ability to drive by a decade how would that change your retirement plans? Consider that someone me. In your 80s, 90s or 100s you will want to stop driving. It’s time to plan now whether you will pay for an on call driver, use the latest form of ridesharing, or depend on a community program.  By planning now you determine your choice in transportation options.


Age is not the sole reason to give up driving. The key is improving your health to keep you in the driver’s seat for as long as you want. This means regular healthcare visits to your doctor, optometrist, dentist, and hearing care specialist. Similar to your other assets your health needs to be managed by trained professionals.


Retirement is not the time to become passive. In fact, now is the time to look after your primary asset. You had the presence of mind to invest and save now is the time to look inward and use those same skills to help you improve your well health and continue to drive while also exploring alternatives to driving.

At Freewheeling After Sixty, we encourage our members to take ownership of their transportation planning and share their experiences. We believe empowerment creates the best outcome in retirement.

Insider Note:

Transportation is the most overlooked aspect in the best retirement portfolios. Now is the time to change that oversight and improve the quality of your retirement.

About the Author:

I am the Director of Education at Freewheeling After Sixty and work to improve older driver safety and reduce crash risk among older drivers. Contact me with your questions: 619.742.3368

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