Time To Talk: Older Driver Safety Awareness Week

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As we kick off the American Occupational Therapy Association – AOTA Older Driver Safety Awareness Week consider why driver safety is so important.

When it comes to driving, consider how interdependent we are. Drive on any road and eventually you come to a stop sign or traffic signal. You have the choice to stop and obey the sign or signal. Or you can choose to ignore it. The majority of drivers will obey the sign, stop, and then proceed. That is an example of interdependence. You may not know the other drivers on the road. Yet every time you get into your car you depend on them to do the right thing. If someone chooses to assert their freedom and disregard the stop sign or traffic light, your life may change in an instant. Our daily lives depend on interdependence. By creating awareness on driver safety we do the right thing for all.