What’s Next? After the Car Keys Talk

The Book Freewheeling after Sixty

After the Car Keys Talk

Did you know on average, men outlive their ability to drive a car by six years and women outlive their ability by ten years? Can you imagine a decade when you can no longer drive?

Read the excerpt from the new book Freewheeling after Sixty and explore how experienced drivers can boost their freedom and mobility.

Freedom, Mobility, or Something Else?

As Americans we have grown up hearing the words independence and freedom woven into our cultural language. We celebrate Independence Day and many of us have asserted our personal Declaration of Independence in relationships and careers. For those living through the sixties and influenced by the cultural revolution, freedom may have a special significance. Freedom meant choice and the opportunity to forge a different path than our parents. However, when it comes to driving, the fear of losing independence and freedom can be worrisome for both Boomers and their older family members. That’s why I see the twenty-first-century-older driver as an agent of change with an opportunity to make a lifelong impact.

The Book Freewheeling after Sixty

In a 2012 [1] study by the American Automobile Association (AAA), 50 percent of senior drivers worry about losing their freedom and mobility when it’s time to give up the car keys. Take a moment to think about the words freedom and mobility. How do you associate those to your driving? What does driving means to you? Now ask yourself these questions:

  • ”Is it the right of being able or allowed to do whatever you want, without being controlled or limited? (This is the definition of freedom.)
  • ”The ability to move or be moved freely and easily? (This is the definition of mobility.)

I ask you to consider a third word, interdependence, defined as dependence between two or more people, groups, or things. In the earth sciences, it is the idea that everything in nature is connected to and depends on every other thing. In essence, everything depends on one another. In the next section I share a personal story of the long-term value of interdependence.

Understanding a Personalized Transportation System (PTS)

The importance of interdependence and sense of community is crucial to the success of using the PTS to create your network. By identifying the value of your contributions over a lifetime is part of creating opportunities to develop your community connections network. The system I’ve created has several different components, giving you freedom of choice to meet your individual needs. By design your network can expand and contract based on your choices to strengthen and maintain its connections.The Book Freewheeling after Sixty

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About the Author

At the present time, I am the Director of Program Innovation at Advocates For Aging. When you think of older adults do you see America’s largest resource?  With this in mind, I combined my background in business with a desire to influence aging in America. For this reason, I was the first Gerontologist to speak at South by Southwest. Furthermore, it’s why I wrote Freewheeling After Sixty. Freewheeling the first book to empower older adults about their transportation choices.

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