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Advice on Senior Services Paying For Transportation – Priced Out of Independence?

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Finding and Paying for Senior Transportation

Paying for Senior Transportation What is the price of independence? If, you ask an older adult independence is priceless. In contrast asking how they are paying for priceless, it’s a new conversation. When we think about aging few of us consider transportation. Unfortunately, it’s a mistake and one you can avoid by learning more about the […]

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Advice on Senior Services – Finding Transportation Services For Elderly Parents

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Finding Transportation Services For Elderly Parents

Transportation for Elderly Parents When is the best time to find transportation for elderly parents? Five years ago was the best time to begin planning. Quickly may be the second best answer. While you may remember this famous Chinese proverb for tree planting its wisdom rings true with transportation. ASAP Transportation Perhaps it begins with […]

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A Traffic Accident Changes Everything

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An accident happens

An Accident Close To Home A colleague suggested I interview her friend, a twenty something entrepreneur injured in a car accident. Why interview someone about an accident? The individual who hit her car was a ninety-four year old experienced driver.  A Surprise Accident As I set up the interview she asked I not share her name […]

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5 Tips For Finding Senior Transportation

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Five Senior Transportation Tips

Finding Rides For Aging Drivers Can you help me get a ride? I’m 76 years old, blind and wheelchair-bound. That was the inspiration for this “How To post” for individuals and family members searching for transportation. Five Resources to Kickstart Your Search 1. Find out the riders Zip Code – Senior transportation programs and services […]