Freewheeling Personalized Transportation System

Personalized Transportation System


Freewheeling Personalized Transportation System While many of our clients planned to cut back on their work schedules in retirement. Few thought about cutting back on driving in retirement. However, research tells us as we age we decrease how far and how often we drive. Often this is due to preferring not to drive at night, […]

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Vehicle Cost Worksheet


Vehicle Operation Worksheet   How Much Does Your Vehicle Cost? When planning your transportation budget consider how much it costs to operate your vehicle. If you find you are not driving as much you may consider selling your car and banking the funds. Caution: While you may consider donating your car to a friend we advise selling […]

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Older Driver checklist

60 Second Checklist

Tips For Older Drivers

Awareness Checklist Driving is a complex task and age may affect your ability to drive safely. However, by using our checklist you can identify and take action to improve your driving skills. First, begin the checklist by quickly naming your transportation concern. Next, in one word describe your concern. Now review our checklist and with […]

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Finding and Paying for Senior Transportation

Advice on Senior Services Paying For Transportation – Priced Out of Independence?

Facts About Older Drivers

Paying for Senior Transportation What is the price of independence? If, you ask an older adult independence is priceless. In contrast asking how they are paying for priceless, it’s a new conversation. When we think about aging few of us consider transportation. Unfortunately, it’s a mistake and one you can avoid by learning more about the […]

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Finding Transportation Services For Elderly Parents

Advice on Senior Services – Finding Transportation Services For Elderly Parents

Resources For Older Drivers

Transportation for Elderly Parents When is the best time to find transportation for elderly parents? Five years ago was the best time to begin planning. Quickly may be the second best answer. While you may remember this famous Chinese proverb for tree planting its wisdom rings true with transportation. ASAP Transportation Perhaps it begins with […]

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