How to Create a Personalized Transportation Empowerment System

Meet Pete (PErsonalized Transportation Empowerment System)

Transportation in retirement is an important pillar to age in place. The Freewheeling method will help you create a system where you can  travel where you want to, when you want to. Leading with action and information you’ll draw from your experience, learn new approaches, and achieve your goal for independence.

What you'll learn

You will learn the principles for improving your ability to drive, set personal goals, and explore proven strategies for achieving your transportation goals. Discover the value of self-awareness to identify strengths, acknowledge weakness and how to give overcome barriers with your Personalized Transportation System (Pete).

Why you want to take action

Staying connected to your community, spending time with friends, maintaining your health is important to enjoying retirement. It’s also the the key to aging well. In fact, Judi Bonilla literally wrote the book on it. 

How it will help you

Since 2005 Judi has been researching trends in aging and the last decade focusing on trends in transportation. This aging expert has pioneered empowering older adults to take charge of their transportation needs.  If you are striving to maintain your mobility and independence book your planning session.

Next steps

Call today, the investment in maintaining your freedom starts at $250.00.