Freewheeling Tool Kit

Take Charge of Your Transportation Needs

Checklists and Worksheets

Print our checklist, quiz, and worksheets to identify your transportation assets.

How self aware are you? Are you curious about one of the most activity of daily life? Self-awareness is a critical trait to have in for adults age 50+ it gives you insight into your character and ability to adapt to change. Now is the time to ask… Am I a safe driver? Everyone deserves to feel confident and safe behind the wheel. Gain insight about yourself with this self- quiz. Ask yourself the following questions to find out.

Kick off your Freewheeling Personalized Transportation System (PTS) by identifying where you go. Using this worksheet then set a timer for 15 minutes and beginning filling out the worksheet. Once your finished place a star by each of your entries.

Next sit down with your calendar and spend 20 minutes completing the worksheet. Once you’ve finished the worksheet you now have a map of where you want to go. Later you’ll use this to complete your PTS.

Driving is a complex task and age may affect your ability to drive safely. However, by using our checklist you can identify and take action to improve your driving skills.

First, begin the checklist by quickly naming your transportation concern. Next, in one word describe your concern. Now review our checklist and with a pen circle each description that describes you.

Congratulations! You have taken the steps to become a safer driver. By creating awareness you may have revealed areas for driver improvement. The checklist is most valuable when you take action.

How much does your vehicle cost to operate? When planning your transportation budget consider how much it costs to operate your vehicle.

If you are reducing your driver consider selling your car and banking the proceeds as part o your transportation budget.

Caution: While you may consider donating a car to a friend or family member we advise selling it. When you calculate the cost of your vehicle you may uncover an investment in sitting in your garage.​