Transportation Programs

Volunteer Driver Programs

Volunteer Driver programs are the foundation of  community-based transportation services. The program uses community volunteers who contribute their time and vehicle to give neighbors rides to places they want to go.  Frequent destinations include: medical and business appointments, classes, shopping, volunteering and visiting friends. Riders of the program are asked for a donation for each one-way trip, some offer their services for free.

About the Volunteer and Rider Experience

Image courtesy of: Santa Cruz Volunteer Center
Image courtesy of: NV Rides

About the Volunteers

About the Riders

Volunteers are community members age 18+ with safe driving records who contribute their time and personal vehicle to drive program clients (individuals age 60+ who no longer drive) wherever they want to go within a service area. Volunteers must have a valid driver’s license, be finger printed and have a DMV criminal background check before becoming a driver.

Adults age 60+ living in the community apply to a transportation program. If approved the rider is enrolled and approved for rides. The program guidelines for door to door transportation include day and time of appointment, pick up and drop off address, and the rider must be pick up ready.* Pick up ready is defined as the rider is waiting at the curb for pick up.